The Chill Factor


Specially designed sunglasses made just for kids. Durable, Stylish, Polarized, Lightweight, Impact Resistant, and much more!

Loved by Kids


The design of the Chill Factor sunglasses are one of a kind. They look just like sunglasses that adults wear, but are sized to fit children sized faces! Now they can look and feel spectacular, just like their parents!

The Chill Factor sunglasses are FDA approved and have a UV400 rating. Here at OSI, we like to provide our customers with high quality products at affordable prices that keep them coming back for more. Order a pair and see for yourself what all the hype is about!

9 Layers of Polarization

TAC Polarized

New technology TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose) polarized lenses offer superior visual and polarization clarity. These lenses are more resistant, durable, and higher definition than ever before.

Polarized vs Non Polarized


No matter how hard you try, these frames won’t break easily. You can step on them, sit on them, throw them across the room, or bend them any which way you like, and they will bend back into place. Kids make mistakes, these frames forgive.

Full Line of Available Colors

Choose from 6 Options

  • Blue Frame with Grey Lens
  • Red Frame with Grey Lens
  • Black Frame with Grey Lens
  • Blue Frame with Yellow Lens
  • Blue Frame with Blue Lens
  • Blue Frame with Green Lens