St. Patrick’s Day Sale!

All green lens sunglasses are on sale until 3/22. Get a pair of Green 101’s, Driver’s, or Classic’s for just $17!

Affordable sunglasses that you can afford. Join the OSI family today and show those UV400 rays who’s boss.

FREE 1-3 DAY SHIPPING on ALL orders (United States)

We now ship to Canada! FREE Shipping on orders over $45 or $5 flat shipping per item.

The Polarization Difference

Polarized Sunglasses can make a huge difference when selecting your lenses. Polarization greatly reduces the amount of glare that is directed towards your eyes. You’ll be able to see more clearly and your eyes will experience less stress. Polarized lenses are especially great for activities such as driving and skiing because the reduced glare will increase your awareness and improve your safety!

The 101’s

Polarized sunglasses at an affordable cost that look and feel great! They are equipped with the same quality lenses that you’ve come to know and love (Polarized, UV400, Impact/Scratch Resistant, HD, FDA Approved)

Affordable For a Cause

Founded by Brandon, inspired by family. OSI brings the sunglasses you need, at the prices you can afford. Every aspect of our shades will make you say “WOW”.

“My 3 year old son was diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum. Every pair of sunglasses I gave to him would break that same day. I needed to find a better and more affordable solution. Being a single father did not make it any easier, but after months of dedication, discipline, and hard work, I finally founded OSI and am able to share my solution with the world!”

For The Little Ones

OSKIDS: Sunglasses For Kids

Sunglasses specially designed for kids ages 2-12. Lightweight, durable, and polarized. Protect your childs eyes while keeping them in style!

Firefighter Red Frames w/ Smoke Lens
Matte Black Frames w/ Smoke Lens
Matte Black Frames w/ Ocean Blue Lens
Matte Black Frames w/ Forest Green Lens
Matte Black Frames w/ Dandelion Yellow Lens
Candy Blue w/ Smoke Lens


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